Beach Vocabulary

The weather is getting warmer, and soon it will be time to start thinking about going to the beach.  Most people go to the beach in the summer when the weather is hot and humid because they want to cool off.  Other people go to the beach to sunbathe.  These are the people who love to be tan, but for those people who don’t want to get sun burned, it is best to put on sun screen  or sit under beach umbrella.

Some people go to the beach to go swimming or to do other activities like scuba-diving or snorkeling or surfing.  There are different kinds of surfing, but all surfers need a surfboard.

The shore is the line between the sand and the water.  This line changes with the waves and also with the tide.  Not everyone likes like to sit on the sand.  These people put down a beach blanket or towels and sit or lie down on them, but children love the sand.   They sit on it and play with brightly colored metal shovels and buckets and build sandcastles or look for sea-shells.

There are special clothes for going to the beach such as swimming suits, sun hats, flip-flops and sunglasses.

Not everything is good at the beach.  This is why there are lifeguards to protect people, and of course there are sometimes jellyfish.

  • To cool off…refrescar-se/refrescarse
  • To sunbathe…prendre el sol/tomar el sol
  • To be tan…estar moreno
  • To put on sun screen…posar protector solar/ponerse protector solar
  • Beach umbrela…sombrilla
  • Scuba-diving…bussejar /bucear
  • Snorkling… bussejar amb esnórquel/bucear con esnórquel
  • Surfing…fer surf/hacer surf
  • Surfboard…taula de surf/tabla de surf
  • Shore…orela/orella
  • Sand…sorra/arena
  • Waves…ones/onas
  • Tide…marea
  • Beach blanket… manteta de platja/manta de playa
  • Shovels… pales/palas
  • Bucket…cubs/cubos
  • Sand castles…castells de sorra/castillos de arena
  • Sea-shells…petxines/conchas
  • Swimming-suits…banyadors/bañadores
  • Sun hats…barrets de sol/sombreros para el sol
  • Flip-flops…chancles
  • Sunglasses…ulleres de sol /gafas del sol
  • Lifeguard…socorristes/salvavidas
  • Jellyfish…meduses/medusas


Written by Mike Dean Alger for Aston School

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