Simple Tricks For Learning Phrasal Verbs

There is no easy way to learn languages. However, there are bad ways.  For example, memorizing lists of phrasal verbs is one of the worst ways.  It does not work. The meaning of these verbs depends often on the context in which they are used, and a lot of these constructions have more than one meaning. It depends on the sentences they are in.

One way to do this, is to think of the verbs in terms of themes such as airports. There are many phrasal verbs that deal with this location. For example, passengers have to check in. People look after their luggage and hope that flights are not held up by technical problems. They worry about airplanes being able to take off on time. Around them other people are dropped off or picked up by taxis. Students are getting back home from university, businessmen are heading off to different cities for meetings and families are setting off on vacations. Most people have gotten up early. They were afraid of getting stuck in traffic jams. When they get on the plane, they sit downput on the earphones, open up a newspaper, and relax and settle down for the flight

Another important location is the classroom. Teachers hand out or pass out photocopies.  Students hand in or turn in things that they have done.  Teachers help students review by going over the lessons with them. The teacher writes down the names of the students who are absent or didn’t show up for class. Teachers calls on students when they want them to answer a question. If the students miss a class, they have to make up or recuperate the work that the other students did.    

Another place that many people use is the gymnasium. It is also full of phrasal verbs. For example, people go to the gym to work out in order to lose weight.  Exercising is a great way to work off extra kilos.  In most gyms you have to sign up to be a member. Then you have to sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave. It is a good idea to warm up before you start to exercise and to cool down when you finish.  

Perhaps the home is the best example to help you learn phrasal verbs. When you enter a room, you turn on the lights, and when you leave the room you turn off the lights. If you make a mess, you have to pick up and put away the things that you used. The things that you don’t need anymore, you throw away. In the morning after you wake up, you have to take off your pyjamas and put on your clothes. After they eat breakfast, they have to look for their shoes so they can start off for work. They get into their car, sit down and buckle up the seatbelt.  Then they hope that there is no traffic so they won’t turn up to work late. When they get to the office, they find out that the morning meeting has been called off.

Learning a foreign language is always difficult, but if you can make it easier if you approach it by studying it in context. This is especially true when you are trying to learn how to use phrasal verbs.





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