6 TV shows you should watch to improve your English

One of the best ways for English students to improve their language skills is watching TV shows regularly. With services like Netflix, HBO and Amazon becoming so popular that most young people do not watch normal television anymore, it has become incredibly easy to get English listening practice that is fun. Depending on your level you may wish to turn the subtitles on (in English). Whatever your level, streaming services are producing some of the best shows that have ever been aired, and you get to improve your English while watching them.



The Crown

The story of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain when she was young. You can expect to hear the Queen’s English, also known as received pronunciation. This might be the English you expect to hear and everyhing should be relatively easy to understand, clear, and correct (although sometimes old-fashioned).


A really wonderful series portraying the difficult life of a teenager growing up on the autistic spectrum. Sam, the 18 year old main character, is innocent and charming and sometimes his view of things can be plain and hilarious. It’s set in America so if most of you find it easier to understand American English, then this is a good series for you that is aimed at young people but enjoyable to all ages. Not your typical teenage high-school drama.




Don’t sleep on this excellent tv series. This is one of the best police detective dramas that I have ever seen. The language might be more complex and the vocabulary of a higher level but it is relatively clearly spoken and dialogue is easy to follow. Do not miss this series; it is in the first season but there is more to come.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is the opposite, easy to understand American comedy, but a series that will challenge you to keep up with everything that is happening and the references being used. This is a bizarre situation comedy based on a woman who had been kidnapped and forced to live in a bunker for the majority of her life when she gets out and starts living in New York. Titus Andronicus is one of the funniest characters you will meet, and this is a very enjoyable series – if you can keep up.

Like a boss


A tv series produced by the main protagonist, actor Tom Hardy. Set in London at the time of the British Empire, this is a complicated, dark story of empire and magic. It’s quite difficult because of the deep accents and words spoken in grunts. But, it has Tom Hardy in; what more do you need to know?


Yes, Fargo of the same name as the film Fargo. This is a tv series based in the same world as the film, produced by the Coen Brothers with big name actors such as Ewan McGregor, Kirsten Dunst, and Martin Freeman. It truly is tv of the quality of good Hollywood movies. The accents are very different, and the speech will offer a challenge to even the best students. However, this is truly one of the best tv series ever made.


If none of those look good to you, here are some honourable mentions:

The End of the F***ing World – Challenging

Alias Grace – Challenging

Peaky Blinders – Like a boss

Stranger Things – Intermediate

The Wire – Challenging

Twin Peaks – Intermediate


Written by James R. McCance for Aston School

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